The theme for the symposium is ‘Our OER people make a better world’. We are seeking submissions with a practical,  theoretical and/or forward looking focus. Subthemes are:

  • Social justice through open education
  • Making education more sustainable through open education 
  • Leading change towards more open education
  • Open Educational Practices

Types of submission

We welcome three types of submission:

Full presentations

Full presentations will last 20 minutes, plus a short opportunity for questions from the audience. All submissions for full presentations will be peer reviewed. After the symposium, abstracts will be published with presenters’ biographical information.

Snap-shot presentations

Snap-shot presentations will be shorter (10 minutes). Snap-shots are an opportunity to present emerging ideas that could form the basis of future research or practice, or early stage research findings. This is also an opportunity for emerging researchers and open education practitioners to contribute to the open education community. Snap-shot presentations will be reviewed by a team at the Centre for Open Education Practice.

Workshops (Day 2)

Workshops will last 50 minutes. These are an opportunity to go into slightly more depth with the practical application of open educational practice, and will be interactive and hands-on. Workshops may be facilitated individually or in pairs, and will give participants an experience of OER and/ or OEP. 

Requirements for abstracts

Abstracts must: 

  • Not exceed 200 words 
  • Address the symposium’s theme of “OER people make a better world” and fit with at least one of the sub-themes 
  • Indicate whether the preferred format is:
    • a full presentation, 
    • a snapshot presentation, or 
    • a workshop. 
  • Be accompanied by a profile of the presenter’s biographical and institutional information of no more than 200 words 
  • Be received before the deadline of 30 September 2019 by email to 

 Download: Call for abstracts (PDF)