Confessions of an open access journal editor

Fields, A.

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Open Access Journals present a different set of opportunities and operate to a different set of rules than journals based with large commercial publishing houses. Open Access Journals use open education practices which help lead the change towards more open education for all. Experience in Editorial Teams under both open access and commercial publishing house journals brings into stark relief the differences between these two forms of journals. Experience as both a writer and researcher also add to this picture, showing the practicalities of using these two forms of journals from both sides. These experiences and inside knowledge form the basis of the ‘Confessions’: a series of things encountered, discovered or purely stumbled across in dealing with Open Access Journals. They explain what you need to know before you decide where to publish your next article, before you set on your next search for information, before you decide where and how to use information shared by others and how you will share your own.

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Alison Fields’ experience is as an information scientist, academic and librarian. She currently runs a contracting and consultancy business in the education sector, following nearly 2 decades as a senior lecturer in Information and Library Studies. Her doctorate focused on learner support to students in online tertiary classrooms and her research interests encompass e-learning, online learner support, library services, and continuing professional development. She is a Fellow of the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa, an executive member of the Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning.

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Alison Fields