Open education in the travel and tourism industry

Jenkins, H.

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Tourism is one of the most important areas of the service sector. For the year ended March 2018 the total tourism expenditure was $39.1 billion, an increase of $2.8 billion from the previous year (TNZ, 2019). It directly employs one in 7 New Zealanders.

There are 19 institutions offering travel and tourism courses in this country, of which Otago Polytechnic, a tertiary provider focussing on skills-based, technical education and occupational training (Wikieductator, 2006), is one.

This presentation will be looking at the development of tourism educational programmes onto an open platform through Wikieducator and Weblogs. Their sustainable value through the polytechnic’s D4LS (Designing for Learner Success) programme, along with their worth in terms of a resource and a fully functioning educational programme.

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Hilary Jenkins is a Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator in the School of Business at Otago Polytechnic. Hilary led the development for the tourism programme development onto Wikieducator. She was a past programme coordinator (Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education) at Capable NZ and Programme Leader on both the Business Degree and the Diploma of Tourism and Travel.

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Hilary Jenkins