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Thomas, K.

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Kim Thomas was introduced to Wikieducator in 2007 thanks to Otago Polytechnic’s dedication to Open Learning Resources. Leigh Blackall tagged her “Hortykim” and was a huge inspiration, mentor and co-conspirator to launch Otago Polytechnic’s first permaculture course. Twelve years on it is still her preferred zone for lesson plans that guide her and students through horticulture adventures where permaculture ethics and WikiEducator align to serve a global community.

Speaker profile

Kim Thomas is a teaching and research assistant and lecturer at Otago Polytechnic ,Ōtepoti, New Zealand. Her special interest is in sustainable growing systems featuring permaculture where the supporting ethics of caring for the earth, caring for people and fair share harmonise with the ethics of open education.

Her duties and responsibilities range from unjamming a prehistoric photocopier to supervising students and a team of horticulture graduates that nurture Otago Polytechnic’s Living Campus.

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Kim Thomas