A speculative future for academic journals- opening the creaky door to shared knowledge

Mann, S., and O’Brien, R.

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Academic journals have by and large remained in the same format for over a century. Meanwhile other forms of communicating have developed and disrupted the way that we now exchange knowledge. Most of today’s academic journals are well designed for a world where access to knowledge is closed or protected, and where knowledge itself is a commodity. In a world where access to information is open and knowledge is ubiquitously available in abundance, those same journals are no longer fit for purpose. Open education provides a lens through which to design the journals of the future. This paper/presentation proposes a manifesto for designing the journals of the future. Journals which support the scholarship of learning and teaching are used as a specific context to explore the practicalities of that manifesto. It is expected that this manifesto will provide a provocation for those leading the design of academic journals in the future.

Speaker profiles

Sam Mann [to follow]

Ray O’Brien works across several areas at Otago Polytechnic, but at the core of all of them he is a learning designer. He has been part of the team designing and implementing the Bachelor of Leadership for Change and specialises in the integration of sustainable practice into programmes across many disciplines.

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Sam Mann and Ray O'Brien