Using H5P to develop engaging interactive learning resources for OER

Wood, S.

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*Please bring a laptop to this session if possible.*

H5P is an open-source, online tool for developing interactive learning resources. With its user-friendly interface, and no requirement for coding knowledge, H5P offers an opportunity for any educator with an internet connection and intermediate-level computing skills to contribute pedagogically sound, visually appealing learning activities, including interactive videos, quizzes, flashcards, presentations, word searches and image-sequencing.

Available as a plug-in for widely used open source platforms such as WordPress, Moodle and Drupal, H5P opens up new possibilities for creating and sharing engaging online learning activities and is a welcome addition to the OER practitioner’s toolkit. With this in mind, OERu has set up its own WordPress site to host openly licensed H5P resources for the benefit of learners and teachers everywhere.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the potential of H5P for creating a variety of different online learning activities and will learn the basic steps for creating their own H5P content.

Participants wanting an opportunity to practise their new skills are invited to contribute an H5P activity for the benefit of OERu learners.

Speaker profile

Simonne Wood is a Learning and Teaching Specialist at Otago Polytechnic, with a focus on supporting academic staff to use educational technologies. Since August 2018 she has been seconded part-time to OERu, where she helps to develop new courses on the WikiEducator platform.

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Simonne Wood