Welcome and karakia timataka

Ron Bull

– Welcome and karakia timataka

Wayne Mackintosh

– Opening remarks

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Speaker profiles

Ron Bull is a traditional indigenous food harvester from the Southern Coast of New Zealand.  His whakapapa includes Waitaha, Kati Mamoe and Kai Tahu, who have been involved in the harvesting preservation, preparation and sharing of food for many generations.  Their creation narratives make the specific links between people and the natural environment and therefore inform an innate knowledge and affinity to both the food and the land and sea that it comes from.

He draws on traditional knowledge systems to inform his teaching practice.  This includes language and concepts and how they are applied to practical situations as well as the socio-political conditions that inform identity.   He is very aware of how this fits with constructing his own identity, as a bicultural New Zealander from the South.

Wayne Mackintosh is the Managing Director of the OER Foundation which coordinates the implementation of the OERu. He is also New Zealand’s UNESCO and International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) Chair in Open Educational Resources.

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Plenary sessions (Room Z114)
Ron Bull and Wayne Mackintosh